Private functions

We have made it easy for you to pick the menu you are happy wih for your next function, all you have to do is go to our products menu, have a look at our dishes and choose from the vegetarian , dips, meat and seafood, salads and sweets section, send us an email of what you have chosen and tell us how many people it is for and we will contact you with a reply.


Corporate catering

Why not let us cater for your next office function, our fresh and tasty meals will be the highlight of your function, again just go to our menu, choose what you would like and let us do all the work for you,

Taste before you book

We have introduced a special feature to our business that we are sure you will enjoy,once you have chosen your menu you can contact us and we can arrange for a small sample platter of some of the things you have chosen for you to try, we can either drop it of for you at your place or you can pick it up from our commercial kitchen at Marleston, that way everyone involved can try the food and help you make a final decision on what you would like.


The prices that we have put next to each individual dish will be charged differently when we put a catering function together. For the catering functions the prices Will be per head depending on the menu you choose and how many people it is for. All that will be worked out when the function is organised with our representative.

Abduls Kitchen