Who are Abdul's Kitchen?

Abduls kitchen started around 4 years ago when I bought a Falafel wrap from a shop in the city which will remain nameless and took one bite and thought no way can this be called a falafel wrap, it really irritated me to think that they were selling this to people and calling it falafel so I thought I can make a better one and that was the birth of Abdul’s Kitchen. I started in my home kitchen and bought a stall at the 2008 Adelaide royal show and thought there is no way I was going to selling lots of Falafels, I was wrong , people that tasted it absolutely loved it and sold lots of them in the 9 days, when a customer told me that she drove from Belair and paid her entrance fee to the show just to come and buy falafel from me that’s when I realized I had something people will love.

so when the show finished I started giving samples to shops and cafes and went from one customer buying 2 dozen falafels a week to now supplying over 35 wholesale customers selling over 500 dozen a week plus all the Homous and tabouli and all our other freshly cooked food that we do, and opening my own retail shop in the central market.

The most common mistake everyone makes is calling me Abdul, my name is actually Mohamed, Abdul is my sons name and I called the business after him, Mohamed’s kitchen just didn’t work for me, now my son Abdul thinks he is the boss without doing the hours that I do.

I have lots of great ideas coming up and will post them on here with my blogs and specials that will come up every week, the best way to keep in touch with what I am doing and what specials are going to be available is to simply subscribe to our newsletter,

I love my business and love what I do, I love seeing people appreciate good healthy fresh food and will always make sure my food is always fresh and most importantly has lots of flavor because food without great robust flavors is boring.

Abduls Kitchen